Neoclima Intellect E 08 X L (6 KW)

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Description Neoclima Intellect E 08 X L (6 KW)

These models can be used both to protect the premises from heat losses and to heat the premises. These models are installed only horizontally. Control can be exercised from the control panel located on the device, or by means of the remote control panel.

Supplied without filters, with infrared remote control, can be mounted to the ceiling, it is possible to connect a door sensor (limit switch).

Thanks to the built-in automation, the air curtain can be connected to a door sensor, and when the door is closed, the air curtain switches to the "fan heater" mode with an increase in the temperature of the outgoing air up to 60C (due to a decrease in air flow and, as a result, the noise level by more than 2 times). There is an additional effective and fast heating of the room. If it is not required, the air curtain can be switched off when the door is closed, thus reducing the annual energy consumption and depending on the traffic activity of visitors can reach 80%.

Recommended: Install a door sensor (limit switch)

In programming mode, set:

mode 1 (curtain): for an open door - the maximum value of the fan speed, the maximum value of the heater;

mode 2 (fan heater): for a closed door - minimum fan speed, heating power from “min” to “max”.

During further operation, the air curtain automatically switches from mode 1 to mode 2 when the door is opened/closed.

15 999 ₴

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Specification Neoclima Intellect E 08 X L (6 KW)

General characteristics
Door automation built-in
Heating element type STICH (tape)
type of instalation Horizontal
Power supply, V/Hz/F 400/50/3
Air productivity, m3/hour 1025
Control Remote
Max. installation height, m 2.5
Max. door width, m 0.8
Heating power, kW 6
Size (length, width, height), mm 840*202*203
Product Details
# 509
15 999 ₴

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