Floor-to-ceiling inverter air conditioner NCSI36EH1z/NUI36EH3z

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Inverter air conditioners, compared to non-inverter ones, have lower electricity consumption, low noise levels and can work for heating up to -15 C. And in “winter” versions and lower.
24 months warranty
Neoclima provides a 24 month official manufacturer's warranty. Service centers Neoclima are located in all major cities of Ukraine.
Freon R32

Safe, environmentally friendly and efficient European-level refrigerant

128 000 ₴

Description Floor-to-ceiling inverter air conditioner NCSI36EH1z/NUI36EH3z

Neoclima NCSI36EH1z / NUI36EH3z floor-to-ceiling inverter air conditioners are used when the power of a conventional split system is not enough, and there is no possibility of installing a cassette-type air conditioner (there is no false ceiling), or if the room has a very elongated shape. The indoor unit of such an air conditioner sends a powerful jet of cooled air along the wall or ceiling and thus ensures an even distribution of temperature in the room. Its original appearance is specially designed for ceiling or wall mounting.

The main advantages of the Neoclima NCSI36EH1z/NUI36EH3z floor and ceiling air conditioner
  • Ease of installation
  • Automatic operation of air dampers
  • The NCSI36EH1z/NUI36EH3z floor/ceiling type air conditioner can be installed in the corner of the room even if the space above the false ceiling is very narrow. It is very convenient in those cases when, due to design features (for example, the only source of lighting), it is impossible to install an air conditioner in the center of the ceiling.
  • Neoclima NCSI36EH1z/NUI36EH3z is equipped with the function of automatic swing of horizontal and vertical air flaps, which provides a more uniform and comfortable airflow.
  • LAK (Low Ambient Key) system. Smooth adjustment of the fan speed of the outdoor unit allows you to operate the air conditioner in cooling mode at an external temperature of -15 to + 52 ° C. EXW system (Electronic Expansion Valve). Fast and accurate control over the process of freon evaporation allows you to increase the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. Also, thanks to the EXW system, it is possible to operate the air conditioner for heating at an outside temperature of -23 to + 24 ° C.

128 000 ₴

Specification Floor-to-ceiling inverter air conditioner NCSI36EH1z/NUI36EH3z

General characteristics
Power supply, V 380
Type inverter
Compressor Toshiba
indoor unit Floor-ceiling
Power, BTU/hour 36000
Warranty, m 24
Freon R32
Series R32 ( - 23 C )
Refrigeration capacity, kW 10.55
Operating temperature range, С -23 to +50
Thermal productivity, kW 11.72
SEER (cooling operation) 6.4
Energy saving class A++
SCOP (heating operation) 4.1
Inner size block, mm 1650*675*235
Product Details
# 863
128 000 ₴

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Справляется с задачей, красивый дизайн.

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