Air conditioner Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z

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Self cleaning
Automatic self-cleaning of the indoor unit at the end of each operation cycle
Free shipping
5 years warranty
Neoclima provides a 5-year official manufacturer's warranty without additional conditions. Service centers Neoclima are located in all major cities of Ukraine.
Inverter air conditioners, compared to non-inverter ones, have lower electricity consumption, low noise levels and can work for heating up to -15 C. And in “winter” versions and lower.
Freon R32

Safe, environmentally friendly and efficient European-level refrigerant

WiFi control
The air conditioner has the ability to control Wi-FI from anywhere in the world using Wi-FI module

18 999 ₴

Description Air conditioner Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z

The English manufacturer Neoclima has created a new, modern model of household air conditioner - Terminator 3.2 Inverter NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z. The design of this model is made in a traditional white style, with a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned or washed The Therminator 3.2 NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z air conditioning system is designed to cool rooms up to 25 sq. m.

Air conditioner Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z

Features of the Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z air conditioner

4 air conditioner operating modes Terminator 3.2
Sleep mode in Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z air conditioner
Energy efficiency class A in Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z
Freon R32 in Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z

4 operating modes

The Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z air conditioner has the following operating modes: Cooling/Drying/Ventilation/Heating. In addition to the basic operating modes, the air conditioner has an automatic temperature maintenance mode.

SLEEP mode

In this mode, the air conditioner operates as quietly as possible, providing you with a comfortable rest during sleep.

A class

The Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z air conditioner has SEER 5.1 - which corresponds to energy efficiency class A, ensuring minimal power consumption during operation.

Freon R32

The new model works on innovative R32 freon. It has 64% less global warming potential than R410 and is more energy efficient.

New remote control in the air conditioner Terminator 3.2
Off timer in Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z
Turbo fast cooling mode in Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z
Wave filter sweat dust Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z

New remote

The air conditioner received an updated remote control with a liquid crystal display.


The on/off timer helps you set the exact time for the air conditioner to operate.

turbo mode

TURBO mode helps to quickly cool or heat the room to the desired temperature.

dust filter

The wave filter effectively traps large dust particles, preventing them from entering the heat exchanger and the cooled air stream.

Review Neoclima Therminator 3.2 NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z


The Therminator 3.2 NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z air conditioner ensures indoor air purity. Neutralizing viruses, bacteria, microbes - thanks to the built-in air ionizer.

WI-FI Ready

Also, the traditional function of Neoclima is Wi-Fi control . To enable this feature, you need to additionally install a Wi-Fi module. And also, download a special program on your mobile device - NetHome Plus.

5 years compressor warranty

The reliable Toshiba GMCC compressor has a guarantee of 5 years.

Goldfin finish

The external and internal heat exchangers are covered with a Gold Fin anti-corrosion coating, which reliably protects the most important components of the air conditioner from environmental influences. Gold Fin coating prevents rust, mold and fungus on the surface of the body exchangers

LED display

Invisible LED-display remains characteristic of TM Neoclima, as in all domestic inverter and non-inverter type air conditioners. A useful DIMMER function has been added to it - turning off the display backlight. Especially useful at night to improve sleep comfort

Main technical parameters of the Neoclima Therminator 3.2 NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z split system

Area, sq.m

Power, BTU

Noise level, dB

Dimensions int. block, mm

up to 25




Main functions

Self cleaning


SLEEP mode

TURBO mode




Auto restart

Buy air conditioner Therminator 3.2 Inverter NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z in Ukraine

Household inverter split system NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z on sale since 2021. The official warranty for the air conditioner is 2 years - provided upon purchase on the company's warranty card. Also, if required, you can order branded installation of air conditioning. Detailed advice can be obtained from a representative of the store by phone: 0-800-50-70-25 . Delivery of the air conditioner is carried out throughout the country - free of charge.

18 999 ₴

Specification Air conditioner Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z

General characteristics
Type inverter
Compressor Toshiba
Power, BTU/hour 9500
Recommended room area, sq.m up to 25
Warranty, m 60
Freon R32
Refrigeration capacity, kW 2.79
Operating temperature range, С Cooling -15 to +50 Heating -15 to 24
Thermal productivity, kW 3.23
SEER (cooling operation) 5.1
Energy saving class A
SCOP (heating operation) 3.1
Inner size block, mm 729x292x200
Product Details
# 870
18 999 ₴

Reviews Air conditioner Neoclima NS/NU-09EHXIw1Z

Поставили на кімнату 19 кв.м. з урахуванням всієї квартири (однушка). Так, основний холод в кімнаті, кухню просто освіжає, в цілому досить. Зовнішній блок чутно вночі, коли тиша - за рамки не виходить, просто легкий шум.
Налаштувати не важко, інструкція зрозуміла.

Оформлення, доставка та монтаж зайняло по часу - добу. Сервіс на рівні, менеджер на рівні, тех підтримка на рівні.
Кондиціонер тестувався в різних режимах - питань немає. Дякую вам за адекватність та сучасність.

1. Дякую за приємну знижку та допомогу з підбором.
2. Швидко привезли та за 2 дні вже встановили.
3. Сам кондиціонер супер, гріє кімнату за хвилин 10, на охолодження просто перевірили, але ще не використовували. Окремо радує наявність додаткових та сучасних функцій.

І я попався на режим авторозморозки, вже шукав сервіс, але поговорив з інженером виробника і все стало на свої місця.
Сучасний та зручний кондиціонер, працює в нормі, не сильно гучний, але і не самий тихий. Дистанційне керування виручає та економить час.

Думал, что сломался, оказалось режим авторазморозки наружного блока, что есть нормой. Но все равно иногда напрягает, хотя может я придирчивый просто. В остальном без вопросов, удобно управлять через приложение с телефона, работает даже тише, чем ожидал.

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